Misty Martin’s photo realistic paintings reflect a signature style that is uniquely her own. She is entirely self-taught, although she often derives inspiration from her appreciation of other artists’ work in diverse media, and her friendships with many of those artists.  Her favorite subject areas include architectural ornamentation, distressed urban/industrial infrastructure, neon signage, and the juxtaposition of light and shadow. Born and raised in rural Oklahoma, fine art seemed an unlikely vocation for Misty.  But her keen powers of observation and her passion for excellence in artistic expression have produced an impressive body of work that is now internationally represented and widely collected.  With over 40 exhibitions under her belt, Misty has paintings in countless private and public collections including in the permanent collection of the Tate Museum in London. Misty’s colorful and bold paintings have been featured in various publications including American Artist & Southwest Art. Misty’s professional credentials include her appointment as a Master Artist in the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society.  She is the recipient of many honors and awards including recognition as the Best International Artist at the Westminster exhibition of the National Acrylic Painters Association of the U.K., and The Ralph Fabri Award received at the National Caesine and Acrylic Painters Society exhibition at the Salamagundi Club in New York.