What happens when the soul of an artist takes a back seat to practical matters? It flows, bubbles and looks for fissures and cracks to flow through: making a salad, writing a note, wrapping a package, re-arranging a windowsill or a tabletop became her outlet for her creativity as well as her business as a successful event designer Marilyn has always been drawn to clay. In the house she and her husband Larry built in the seventies, she had a studio space with a gas pipe for a kiln, but the kiln never arrived. Instead of making her own, Marilyn collected pottery while raising three boys and running their events business. When they sold their company, Marilyn waited about three seconds before she found a crash course in studio pottery, bought a kiln, a truckful of clay and hustled home to Todos Santos. Her work is feminine, exuberant, playful, colorful and fun.