Lottas, a.k.a. Felipe Espinosa was born in Mexico City but lives full time in Playa del Carmen. He has studied under many artists and printmakers in Mexico including Ángel Collazo, Agustín González, Alejandro Morfín andMaestro Luis Nishizawa and Quintín Valdez at the Nishizawa Museum. Lottas has participated in over 14 group exhibitions both within Mexico and Internationally including exhibitions in London and Chicago, and multiple solo exhibitions at The Isla de Cozumel Museum in Cozumel, Mexico. Today Lottas works with various galleries in Mexico and Germany. He has won awards for his printmaking and has participated in Art Fairs in Paris and Germany. Though he is most known as a printmaker and works in the techniques of linocut, woodcut, relief printing, and dry point, he also creates paintings in acrylic, oil and encaustic wax. Lottas earned a diploma from the School of Gold & Color in Florence, Italy in the restoration of art and gold leafing, which he incorporates into his paintings. A unique factor in the printmaking works of Lottas is his use of Amate paper, created from the fibers of the Agave plant.