Lorna Hankins, is the well-known potter of La Candelaria that has put this small ranch village located in the mountains between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos on the map, by reviving the ancient methods of creating functional pottery. Lorna is an American with a Masters degree in Fine Arts in the disciplines of Metal Smithing and Jewelry design. She came to Los Cabos for the first time to escape the damp winter of the Northwest and to practice her Spanish. She discovered the small town of La Candelaria and she fell in love with the people, location and lifestyle. She was originally taught the ancient tradition of pottery-making by a woman in the village and it soon became Lorena’s passion to share the knowledge and techniques that she quickly mastered. She taught others in the small town and in no time locals and tourists alike began to hear of the pottery of La Candelaria. Her pieces are beautiful and functional, each being glaze-free and food safe. Her clay is local, the pieces are made and fired in La Candelaria and can be used to cook on an open flame and in the oven, as well as to just be enjoyed as sculpture.