Cindy Fair is a self-taught artist from Canada who has lived and traveled throughout Central and South America where she first discovered her passion for the countries’ culture & traditions. It was in the city and state of Zacatecas where her attraction to Mexico began and in particular the Day of the Dead tradition.  Although the Mexican cultural event may appear to be based on death to some, it is in the artist’s opinion about the ‘celebration of life’ … and the final mark we leave behind. It is from these thoughts and questions that the artist creates her unique sculptures, which seemingly take on a personality of their own as they evolve into their final creation. Cindy’s sculptures incorporate clay, acrylic, a variety of paint medium, metal, Swarovski crystals, carefully selected vintage jewelry along with other accessories. Her art is divided between the creation of calaveras or ‘human skulls’ in tribute to Dia de Muertos in her ongoing series, Glamour Skulls while her Beasts of Bling Series features ethically procured animal skulls including authentic bison, long horn steer, and deer.