Born in Barcelona, Spain, Alfredo studied Fine Art and Interior Architecture. Alfredo has entered and won various prestigious painting, interior design and object art competitions and his exhibitions have toured galleries and museums in his native Spain, Mexico, USA and South America. In addition, Alfredo has been featured in various award-winning documentaries. Currently, Alfredo’s studio is in the City of Merida, Yucatan.

“In the last decade of my career, I have made various collections, experimented with different techniques and languages; developing research in creative processes motivated by the places, experiences and sensations experienced. This process has led me to focus on the façades of neighborhoods in different cities of Mexico, walls that promoted advertisements, currently deteriorated and with their own character. Trapping it, appropriating it and endowing it with transcendence and perpetuity. My proposal goes beyond recovering these icons of anonymous lettering, that are part of the identity and memory of the 60s and 80s community, with a pop of character to intervene and convert them into a work of art. The collection “Vestigios de Nuestro Tiempos” is a proposal for restoration and conservation, its aesthetics emerges from the convergence of the modern and the old, resisting a categorization within a genre, and inviting the observer to return to a not too distant past.”

Strappo – Technique used by anthropologists and restorers to detach paintings and murals from walls.